That Old Feeling By: Lucas Herrera

my loves belong on both coasts
and i visit sometimes but none
of me is left there
im landlocked and blue
and always dancing
cause the music is in my head
and it never stops playing
it fills the empty space within me
before me
all the more interesting
i feel those eyes and i start glowing
all wrapped up and dusty
as drunk as a poet on pay day
those moments when you know theres no going back
and the people behind windows shuffling, singing
w/o me
my tears sync with the breaths of Williamsburg as i skip away from everything
where, two true blue lenses capture my presence found there
and yet unknown
will never be the same cause
with every rain fall comes a change

That Old Feeling By: Lucas Herrera

wakan tipi [part three]

I entered the golden forest.

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I took one last look behind.

2 (2).JPG

Before entering into the woods.


I was a bit lost for awhile.


Eventually I found my way to a burned out old hearth. All that remained of the house was the foundation and this chimney. Who knows what may have happened here?


I continued on through the woods.

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The path was marked with cool graffiti.

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I came across a totem pole. I wondered who made it and why?


I crossed a fallen tree to stay on the trail to find Wakan Tipi.

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I began the last leg of the journey to the sacred cave.

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It was a beautiful day.


I spotted the lake of Wakan Tipi in the distance.


When I looked closer, I saw the water was brackish and dark. The water seems tainted  and sinister, the air feels heavy.

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Wakan Tipi was sealed by the industrialists when they destroyed the interior. It seemed possible to me the spirit had been corrupted into a monster, lurking beneath the surface of the water.


I stealthily examined the entrance.

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I entered a small breach in the stone into Wakan Tipi.

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wakan tipi [part three]