Origami by Jade – Artist Bio

Hello! Thank you for visiting. My name is Jade Huynh and I am an origami artist. Paper folding has been a hobby ever since I was a child. In spring of 2014, I made a commitment to become sober, and origami provided an outlet to make evenings just as enjoyable as going out with my friends.

Origami is a skilled art that I love. It is my inspiration, and I strive to always be better So that each piece is unique and special. I started to develop a vision for all the pieces I’ve been folding, and over time it evolved into becoming pieces of art. I was always shy about my hobby growing up, but now I am delighted to say that origami has helped me in so many ways.
Since I can remember, origami has always brought joy to my soul. To be able to create something unique and intricate is an exuberant feeling. Every piece I work on feels very special and allows for me to express my creativity. Having the ability to execute my vision makes me feel very lucky. It helps me define true beauty and find confidence.
How do I go about selling my pieces? All of my work are commissioned, with the exception of art shows of course. I prove each piece according to the budget of my client. You name a price and I create within the range that is given. I believe that anyone who wants to purchase my art should be able to afford it without the expense of losing an arm or a leg. I am filled with the utmost amount of happiness with EVERY item I sell. I appreciate everyone who wants my art apart of their life. It is my pleasure to make my origami feasible to all clients.
I DO NOT make duplicates of any canvas pieces I create. They are one of a kind. Always designed for the one and only client, as there should be the one and only piece create as well. It is hard to replicate any exact pieces, just as it is hard to relieve those same feelings at the moment of creating.
Thank you for taking the time to view my art. A piece of me is in everything I make, and I am grateful for all of whom who have decided to bring a piece of me home with them as well.

Check me out on Instagram: https://instagram.com/jadehuynh08/

See the shop on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CREESELIGHTNING

Origami by Jade – Artist Bio

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