Happy Holidays from the Sketchy Kids

Seasons greetings!

As the new year and new decade turns over we are happy to wish our lovely audience a blessed upcoming year, and ten years!

We have some fun plans coming through. More videos and posts will be coming. The biggest announcement is this:

Starting January 2020 the Sketchy Kids will be hosting real – life meet ups!

Surely these will be small gatherings to start but will snowball later on! We’re very excited to be doing this and will be keeping the wider audience up to date on these meetings.

Happy Holidays from the Sketchy Kids

New Video by Pelham: Talk Too Much

Today we are sharing a newly released video by Pelham. We have shown much of Pelham’s work and even have featured him on our original cable access show in the past.

This video is a lot of fun and also showcases some of the growth Pelham has achieved recently. He has been growing into a budding career as a musician. This new video is more stripped down in terms of storyline and scene to show off his chops as a performer.

Pelham is having a great time in this video and it’s just a lot of fun! Watch here:

New Video by Pelham: Talk Too Much

New Artist Feature: Daily Del Sol

Today I’m sharing a youtube channel:


Del Sol is a really cool artist because his content lives at a crossroads between art, travel, nature and social media. There’s so many interesting dimensions to that. Personally I love when artists have these multiple angles of approach. Each can inform the other!

He seeks inspiration through travel and beyond just destinations but the study of landscape. This is a path well traveled by artists, so part of what sets Del Sol apart is the way he draws the audience in. You can participate in his creations by interacting on youtube! That’s what is so great about his page is that his creations are more than just static images – the audience can get insight into the process and lifestyle that goes into creating art.

We will be sharing more specific content by Del Sol going forward and we’re really excited to explore this awesome content with you lovely readers.

New Artist Feature: Daily Del Sol

Origami By Jade

Hello there!

Today we wanted to feature something a little different, I have shared many wonderful creations by Jade in the past. And, surely more will come in the future. For now we want to direct our visitors to her webpage at:


I hope it isn’t presumptuous of me to say that we have shared Jade’s work with the world from early on in her career. (Maybe 2 or 3 years now!) It’s been amazing to see her journey and it’s reflected in this awesome website where she has tons of activities, events, commissions and so on to look through.

Please give her page a look it is definitely worth your time!

Peace & Love


Origami By Jade